terça-feira, 9 de julho de 2019

Sports and Leisure - Verbs (Part 2)

Inspired by the images We created phrases to describe the activities and We recorded on the My activity notebook.

  • Examples:
  • He is reading.
  • They are swimming.
  • He is singing a song.
  • She is painting.

Sports and Leisure - Verbs (Part 1)

Each pair choose one activity and ilustrated. 
  • Paint
  • Walk
  • Jump
  • Swim
  • Ride (a bike)
  • Sing
  • Draw
  • Listen (to the radio)
  • Read
  • Fish
  • Fly (a kite)
  • Kick
  • Run
  • Watch
  • Play

My bedroom

Interdisciplinary activity. The bedroom produced in geography class is a way to talk about our bedrooms, about prepositions and directions. 

Structure studied: 
"The ball is under the bed."
"The shoes are on the mat."
"The t-shirt is in the wardrobe."
" My socks are on the drawer."

"Because I'm happy"

Organizing the lyrics of the song "Happy" by Pharell Williams. 

Rock Painting

Activity: June 18th, 2019 

A long time ago, there was no paper, there were no canvas. People used to paint events, rituals and theirs history on rocks. They were the first painters. 

In class, we painted what is important to us, using material from the nature, coffee and water. 

quinta-feira, 27 de junho de 2019